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Disclosure Statement

What we do

As a team of experts in a webcam field, we are devoted to the quest of the most reliable cam sites to create in-depth reviews of live cam sites. Our mission is therefore to help you decide which cam platforms might lead you to ultimate pleasure, and which ones are not worth your time and money.

How the site works

We use a strict rating system to determine the level of cam sites’ reliability. In particular, we pay attention to such essential criteria:


We always avoid services with dubious security system and fake profiles. For us, that’s an obvious indicator that the site doesn’t deserve the right to take primary positions in our list of top-quality cam platforms.

Girls’ Profiles

We thoroughly check the overall image and live streams of this or that cam site to get an idea of whether it’s real or a mere fraud. Namely, if all women’s pictures look perfect like they’ve been taken from the Internet, we say goodbye to such platforms immediately.


To maximize user convenience, a truly caring cam site will include a variety of features, such as live chats, private streams, presents exchange and other details that make communication more vivid. If such options are absent, we go pass them.

Website Design

Appearance plays a huge role not only in the perception of girls, but also in the evaluation of a site. There are platforms with awful design which only forces to leave the page and never return to it again. And then there are the ones with appealing interface and proper arrangement of elements. Guess which sites we are more likely to choose for our rating?


If any cam website offers their services for free, we find such practice suspicious. Membership payment or pricing for every separate feature should be included in the package of each reliable cam platform.


Just three words – advanced SSL encryption – can save your personal data from being stolen. We never neglect this factor while checking for the best performing live cam websites, so you can always trust us on this one.

Customer Support

When it comes to remote live streams, there’s nothing more important than having client support team at disposal to answer all your burning questions. That’s why we also take into account availability of such to filter reliable websites.  

How we make money

We receive our main source of income from commissions by cooperating with brands. This helps us to keep developing the project and providing useful information to users. We select the top brands, analyze them thoroughly, and provide users with the highest quality ones to guarantee you a seamless webcam experience anytime, always.  

Why are we affiliated with them?

Primarily because we operate as a business, and advertising helps us to keep our website competent and honest in finding the best services available. On top of that, affiliation allows us to keep our cam sites reviews relevant and incorporated with latest information. This way, we can make sure that all the data we include is accurate.  

Does this impact services/products ratings and reviews?

No – and here’s why: we support those brands that have shown the best results after analysis. The top services that are presented on our website proved to be better than others in the review process, so it’s needless to say that they already have good ratings which are unlikely to get tarnished.  

Why are we disclosing this?

Because quite simply, we believe in transparency and try to prove this attitude with each and every cam site review we make. We don’t favor cheating in any form because we have a deep respect to our users, and to our reputation, of course.  

Will it cost you more money?

No, it won’t cost you a penny on top of the established price.  

Why we’re here

In a nutshell, we’re here for one reason: we love helping people in their search solutions. We’ve been operating in a webcam business with this idea in mind for a while, putting our time and effort with pleasure to keep it thriving. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a newbie or experienced dater – our goal is to provide you with quality information that might be of great use during your search of pleasure.